Gun Safety
Top 3 Reasons to Own A Firearm

The owning of a firearm is becoming more and more common in modern day societies. Whether it is for protection, for recreation or as a hunting tool, many people find firearms to be part of their daily life. Owning a gun for protection though has become increasingly more common in American society. With the unemployment rate rising, the crime rate tends to rise as well and people have become more proactive in protecting themselves as well as their families. As a result, we decided to make a list of the top three reasons why having a firearm in your home might be something to consider. Looking for more info on gun safety from Click here.

Criminals Fear Armed Citizens More Then Law Enforcement

Studies indicate that 60% of felons actually feel that one of the main reasons burglars don’t rob a house is because they, for one reason or another, are under the impression that the home owner may have a firearm in their residence. This means that simply by owning the gun in the first place, you are less likely to ever have to use it to physically protect your family.

Police Aren’t Required To Look Out For The Wellbeing of the Individual

Time and time again, courts have ruled that police have an obligation to protect society as a whole but not actually the individual. In 1989 alone there were over 150 thousand violent crimes that took over an hour to respond to. In a situation like this, the difference between having and not having a gun of your own could mean life and death.

Past gun control advocates have been changing their minds

Many criminologists who have been studying the effects of gun control have recently begun to sing a different tune. Where before they felt that gun control was the key to a safer society, they now feel that letting those who are interested in protecting themselves do so decreases criminal’s motivation to commit these crimes.

There are all sorts of reasons why having a gun in the home might be a good idea for your family. From deterring prospective criminals from even entering your house to begin with to stopping ones who actually do, firearms bring a whole new level of safety to a household. Want more info on how to handle firearms? Check out!